How a Fortune 500 can become the world’s first carbon-neutral company?

  • Attracting and retaining top staff: Increasingly, millennials prioritize working for companies that share their values. According to a 2018 Gallup Poll, 70% of Americans between the ages of 18–34 are very concerned about climate change (note that the United States ranks below most other countries in terms of climate change concern). As the importance of climate change escalates, so too will the value that tomorrow’s employees place on fighting to mitigate the climate crisis.
  • Building a community of supporters and clients: Airlines’ future passengers and direct clients will have values that mirror those of aeronautics companies’ future staff. Demonstrating innovative solutions and measurable, incremental changes that address the climate crisis will allow aeronautics companies to build cohesive and compelling brand stories to share with direct clients and passengers.
  • Corporate Leadership and Stewardship: As a multinational organization with a wide-reaching supply chain and durable purchasing power, aeronautics companies are uniquely positioned to redefine how materials and component products are manufactured and distributed. Eventual (long, long term), closed-loop manufacturing cycles can be cheaper, at scale, than conventional manufacturing and sourcing practices.
  • Develop and advise on Carbon Tax and/or Cap and Trade Mechanisms;
  • Track operational data and sell additional value-added analytics services to clients (new revenue opportunities);
  • Establish and maintain supply-chain standards of best practice;
  • Etc — the possibilities are endless.



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Cecile Dick Calmes

Cecile Dick Calmes


Digital and social media strategy. Bilingual French-English. I am passionate about creating meaningful, integrated experiences between people and brands.